Vacuum Pump

Vacuum Pump

Product Details:
  • Number of Stages: Single stage, Double Stage

Oil Free portable Vacuum Pump Pressure Pump (Diaphragm Type):

A Portable diaphragm type vacuum pump cum oil-free air compressors manufactured from special grade aluminum for light weight and strength. Built in micro suction filter.

Diaphragms useful as Vacuum pump in laboratories, filtration instruments, gas charging, suction and labeling machines, etc. equally useful as compressor in flame. Photometers, spectrophotometers, nebulous, lamination, press, plastic welding, oil-free spray painting, agitation, etc. Noiseless performance, maintenance free.

ModelMax flow
Max Vacuum
(in Hg.)
Max Press

Max Press
SV-25 S2022”351/16
SV-15 P2522”251/16
SV-45 SRP3022”121/8
SV-75 S4527”60¼
SV-75 P7522”45¼

Vacuum Pump Rocker


  • Operating procedure                   
  • Schematic of the pump system is shown us above               
  • Once all of tubes have been connected, pumping function is activated by pressing on/off Button                   
  • To setup vacuum, adjust the regulator        

: When pump is used in water filtration, please be noted, never let the liquid level of flask exceed safety level.  Failure to comply could result in serous damage to the pump and void the warranty.  If it occurs, please contact the distributor immediately for service.
How to replace Cartridge:
  • You are recommended to replace the can ridge when it is exhausted with moisture or panicle      
  • First, remove the moisture trap by initiating it counterclockwise. Second remove the cartridge in the same way, then replace a new one               
  • Pour the water out of the moisture nap when i tint/lied  with water                   

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: 300

Vacuum Pump With Oil

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