Platinum Crucibles

Platinum Crucibles

Approx Price: Rs 1,000 / Onwards 

These crucibles, a range intended for furnace ignitions, are considerably broader and more stable than ordinary crucibles of equal capacity. All members of the range are exactly similar in shape and proportions, with dimensions that conform to simple rations. Nominal capacities are from 10 ml to 70 ml.

The dimensions of "UA" crucibles conform to the following relationships: E=3.1A, C=0.83A, D=0.61A

For Further details, Kindly refer the attached PDF file

Platinum Dishes

Approx Price: Rs 1,500 / Onwards 

Evaporating dishes of normal form, with rounded bases of heavy section blending into lighter walls, are manufactured in a range of sizes from 700 ml downwards. The full capacities of these dishes are approximately 10 per cent greater than their normal capacities.

Special shapes: Only dishes of normal form are ordinarily stocked, but round-bottomed dishes, rectangular dishes and vessels of special shapes can be manufactured to users' requirements.

Lids: Two patterns of lid are available for the standard range of dishes - the crucible type, of the usual flanged shape with lug, and the watch glass type, a shallow dish in section and without lug.

Pouring Lips: Standard dishes are normally supplied with pouring lips, but can be supplied without lips if desired.

Reinforced Rims: The walls of dishes are considerably stiffened by a reinforced rim, All dishes can be supplied on request with a reinforced rim of approximately 3.5 mm deep and double the wall thickness.

For further details, Kindly refer the attached PDF file

Platinum Crucibles

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