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Backed by years of industry experience, we offer to our esteemed clients a sustainable assortment of Infrared Thermometer. Products we offer our patrons are high in quality aspects, which are fabricated using optimum grade raw material and employing advanced machines and tools. In order to ensure faultless product, these are fabricated under proper guidance of skilled experts.




  • Laser Target Pointer Selection

  • Data Hold function

  • Auto Power OFF

  • Back light




Basic FunctionMT-4MT-6
Temperature Range-50°C~530° C(-4° F~986°F)-50°C 750°C (-58°F ~1382°F)
Distance Spot Ratio12:01:0012:01:00
EmissivityFixed at 0.95Fixed at 0.95
Response Time & Wavelength500ms & (5~14)um500ms & (5~14)um
Responsebility±1% or 1±°C±1% or 1±°C
Resolution±0.1°C or 0±.1°F±0.1°C or 0±.1°F

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: MT-4-6

Professional High Temperature Infrared Thermometer

Product Details:
  • Range (degree C): -58 to 2372
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece

Infrared Thermometer DT-8858-DT8859-DT8859H

I. Introduction:

8858/8859/8859H Series provide fast, easy and accurate readings for most surface temperature measurements

  • User selectable or
  • Laser targeting
  • Automatic data hold
  • Auto power off
  • White backlit LCD display
  • Over range indication
  • High Temperature
  • Max, Min, DIF, AVG record
  • High and low alarm, Trigger lock
  • Adjustable emissivity
  • 150ms faster sampling time with 1% accuracy8859H)

II. Specification:





-50 to 1300

-58 to 2372

-50 to 1600

-58 to 2912

-50 to 1600

-58 to 2912

Response Time

Less than 1s

Less than 150ms

Basic Accuracy

±1.5% of reading or ±2/±4

±1.5% of reading or ±1/±1.8


0.1°up 2000°1°over 2000°

Optical Resolution

50:1 Distance to Spot size


Adjustable 0.10~1.0

Size (H*W*D)




Additional Information:
  • Item Code: DT-8858

Portable Purometer Center

Product Details:
  • Brand: Sunshine


  • Wide Measurement Range: Infrared up to 2400C (4352F)
  • Dual Laser Points for the Target Spot Size
  • High DS (Distance to spot) Ratio 100:1
  • Under Memory Mode, record and display the specific temperature with emissivity




DescriptionIRT+Dual Lasers+Thermocouple socket
Measurement Range200~2400(392~4352)
Full Range Accuracy+-2% of reading
Emissivity Range0.95 Default, adjustable from 0.1 to 1 step .01
Resolution0.1/0.1 at -83.2~999.9(/), otherwise 1/1
ModeReal Time, Max/Min, Ave, Dif, Lock, Hi/Low temp Alarm
MemoryDetailed 24 Memories with Temperature & Emissivity
Thermocouple probeSmall Socket, K type, 12 minutes auto power off
Measurement Range-64~1400 (-83.2~2552)
Probable Accuracy+/-1% of reading or 1 (1.8) whichever is greater (Test under Tamb=23+-6)
Power SupplyAax2

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: 359

Center Make Dual Laser Infrared Thermometer

Product Details:
  • Brand: CENTER


  • Infrared up to 1500
  • Dual Laser Points for the Target Spot Size
  • High DS (Distance to spot) Ratio 50:1
  • Mini Thermocouple Socket up to 1400
  • Best Cost/Performance Ratio




DescriptionIRT+Dual Lasers+Thermocouple socket+LED Flashlight
Measurement Range-60~1500 (-76~2732)
Full Range Accuracy-33~1500:±2% of reading or 2(4) whichever is greater
Emissivity Range0.95 Default, adjustable from 0.1 to 1 step .01
Resolution0.1/0.1 at -83.2~999.9(/), otherwise 1/1
ModeReal Time, Max/Min, Ave, Dif, Lock, Hi/Low temp Alarm
Thermocouple probeSmall Socket, K type, 12 minutes auto power off
Measurement Range-64~1400 (-83.2~2552)
Proble Accuracy+/-1% of reading or 1 (1.8) whichever is greater (Test under Tamb=23±6)
Power SupplyAAA x2


Additional Information:
  • Item Code: 354

Professional High Temperature Infrared Thermometer - HTC

Product Details:


  • User Selectable Celsius or Farenhiet
  • Dual Laser Targeting
  • Automatic Data Hold
  • White Backlight LCD Display
  • Over Range Indication
  • Adjustable Emissivity
  • Type K Input
  • USB interface

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: IRX-67-68-69

Infrared Non Contact Thermometer

Infrared Non Contact Thermometer
  • High 16 to 1 distance to target ratio measures smaller surface areas at greater distance(8828H/8826H)
  • Widest temperature range from -50.0 to 1000(-58.0 to 1832)
  • Unique flat surface,modern housing design
  • Built-in laser pointer
  • Max,Min,DIF,AVG,record
  • High and low alarm
  • Automatic Data Hold
  • 8828 Optical Resolution is 12:1 Distance to Spot size
  • Adjustable emissivity

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: DT-8828

Waco Model Mt5a Infrared Thermometer

Product Details:
  • Brand: WACO

Ir Thermometer Waco
Model Mt2a Range -50c To 380c
Model 6a Range -50c To 550c
Model 4a Range -50c To 650c
Model 5a Range -50c To 850c
Model 8a Range -50c To 1050c
Model 14a Range -50c To 1500c
Model 16a Range -50c To 1850c
Model 18a Range -50c To 2200c

  • Temperature: -50c-850c
  • Optical resolution:12:1
  • Emissivity: Fixed at .95 

Infrared Thermometer Waco Mt 16a

Product Details:
  • Brand: WACO
  • Range (degree C): -50'C TO 2200'C

  • Material: Plastic 
  • Optical resolution:50:1
  • Emissivity: Fixed at .10-1.0

Waco Model Mt8a Infrared Thermometer

Product Details:
  • Brand: WACO
  • Model: MT 8A
  • Temperature Range: -50'C TO 1050'C

Infrared thermometer waco

  • Model mt 8a
  • Range - -50'c to 1050'c

Spectrophotometer PFX195

Product Details:
  • Application: Chemical Laboratory

Spectrophotometer Model : PFX195

We have for our esteemed customers an extensive gamut of Spectrophotometer. These instruments are procured from the well-established vendors of the market, who make use of optimum quality raw material and sophisticated technology. Our instruments are duly examined under the supervision of quality controllers in order to assure that these are in compliance with the set quality parameters. Furthermore, our instruments are also provided to the customers at market leading prices.

We are Importers, Exporters, Suppliers and distributor of Lutron Testing Instruments, HTC Testing Instuments, 1st Lab Instruments, Anumbra Petri Disc, Philips, Infusll, Racer, Eutech Instruments, LIEMCO, Blue Star, ATAGO, Olympus, THIASIL.


  • Consistent and reliable color data
  • Extensive yet flexible choice of standard color scales
  • Remote upgrade facility for adding scales once in service
  • Allows calculation and description of off-hue status
  • Gives closest match to stored references
  • Generates a customized color scale from reference samples
  • Robust steel construction with excellent chemical resistance
  • Ability to handle hot samples with high melting points
  • Easy maintenance with removable sample chamber
  • Includes a certified reference standard for conformance checks
  • Supplied with color control software for data analysis
  • Output conforming to GLP including date, time, sample & user ID
  • Accommodates a range of sample cells and tubes


  • Application: Chemical Laboratory
  • Model: PFX195
  • Material: Plastic


Additional Information:
  • Item Code: PFX195

Infra Red Thermometer

Product Details:
  • Brand: TES
  • Range (degree C): 18 to 1850
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 10 Piece


We are engaged in offering a wide range of Infra Red Thermometer. These are used professionally to measure infrared emitted from various objects. Infra Red thermometers can be used for different temperature monitoring functions. This includes detecting clouds for remote telescope operation. Apart from this, these are also used for checking mechanical equipment for hot spots.


  • User selectable ºC & ºF
  • Built in laser pointer
  • Backlight LCD display automatic data hold
  • Auto power off
  • Over range & low battery indication


Specifications of thermometer:

Smart Sensor Imported Taiwan make

AR-882 (Gun Shape) -18ºC to +1500ºC

AR-892A (Gun Shape) -18ºC to +1850ºC

AR-992 (Gun Shape) 200ºC to 2200ºC
TES Taiwan make (gun shape)

TES - 1326 - 20ºC to + 500ºC Fixed Emissivity

TES - 1327 -20ºC to + 500ºC Adjustable Emissivity

Infrared Thermometer Digital, 2 in 1, with 'K' type (Probe is Optional) with Laser Sighting :

Model I.R.Range "K" Type Range

TPI 376 -50ºC to 510ºC -40 to 1200ºC

TPI 377 -18ºC to 1000ºC -40 to 1200ºC

TN 305 LC -60ºC to 500ºC -64 to 1400ºC

TCT 103-33ºC to 220ºC -55 to 330ºC

TES 1322 A -20ºC to 500ºC -50 to 1370ºC

Infra Red Non Contact Thermometer Optex Japan make

PT-1 LD (Fixed Emm) -40ºC To +510ºC

PT-2 LD (Adju Emm) -40ºC To +510ºC X-400 S 0ºC To +400ºC
Raytek (Fluke) U.S.A.make



MT-4 -18ºC to +400ºC Fluke-62 -30ºC to +500ºC Fluke - 566 -40ºC to + 650ºC Fluke-568 -40ºC to + 800ºC

Infra Red Thermometer Model TM - 910, Lutron, Taiwan Make, Range: -10ºC to +300ºC

Temperature range

I R Thermometer - 20ºC to +320ºC
MT-4 (Gun Shape) -20ºC to +530ºC
MT-6 (Gun Shape) -20ºC to +750ºC
DT-8811 H (Gun Shape) -20ºC to +500ºC
DT-8811 N (Gun Shape) -20ºC to +550ºC
DT-8812 (Gun Shape) -50ºC to +650ºC
IRX - 63 -50ºC to +850ºC
IR - 64 -50ºC to +1050ºC
IRX - 64 -50ºC to +1050ºC
IR - 66 -50ºC to +1300ºC
IR - 68 -50ºC to +1600ºC

Meco IRT550 Infrared Thermometer

Product Details:
  • Brand: MECO
  • Range (degree C): 50 to 550 C
  • Weight: 157 g
  • Distance To Spot Ratio: 12:1
  • Accuracy: 1.5C
  • Repeatability: 0.5C or 1%
  • Resolution: 0.1C/0.1F
  • Emissivity: 0.95
  • Thermopile/Spectral Response: 6-14 m
  • Model No : IRT-550P


Type of Product Digital Infrared Thermometer
Temperature Range(C) -50 to 550 C
Distance To Spot Ratio 12:1
Accuracy 1.5C
Repeatability ?0.5C or 1%

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: EP-100
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